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Blvck Atomz and Lotus Luthor have combined their abilities to preserve the raw essence of hip-hop music, one dope project at a time. We encourage you to leverage our talents across a number of disciplines which include:

Music Production

Both of these producers possess a unique skill set that complements the other, making them a cohesive and unstoppable force. They work tirelessly, often pulling all-nighters in their secret underground studio to perfect their craft.

Sound Design

QuakeMobb creates sounds that are not only fresh and cutting-edge but also emotionally resonant and deeply moving. Their sound design skills are truly a force to be reckoned with, and their impact on music will be undeniable.

Artist Development

With a keen ear for raw talent and a commitment to helping artists develop their unique sound, QuakeMobb provides invaluable support and guidance to emerging hip-hop artists. This is our contribution to the preservation of true hip-hop music.

Content Creation

QuakeMobb has expanded its professional services to include video editing to fully support artists, top influencers, and brand ambassadors looking to make an impact on social media.

Media Production

QuakeMobb has the ability to provide a full suite of media production offerings, including in-person or remote podcast recording and other multimedia production services.

Technology Consulting

Let QuakeMobb provide you with guidance and mentorship on how to leverage emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain for that competitive edge in the industry.

Meet the Producers.

Blvck Atomz

"The hypnotic energy of my sound is like a sonic spell, casting its rhythm over the audience and taking them on a journey they'll never forget."

Lotus Luthor

"I am Lotus Luthor, neither mansion nor a yacht. Though the scheme is implemented, and the plan's unorthodox."

Entry Level Services

QuakeMobb aspires to work with serious artists making real investments in their music careers. Below, you'll find pricing for an entry-level engagement with QuakeMobb. Any services that we provide beyond the following are directly negotiated with our clients:

Full Song Production - $299

  • Import Vocal STEMS + Song Arrangement

  • Professional Mixing and Mastering

  • Complete .WAV file package, including all STEMS and Song Versions

Exclusive Beat Lease - $199

  • Complete .WAV file package, including STEMS

  • Full Exclusive Rights - No Resells or Leases

  • Standard 50 / 50 Royalty Splits

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QuakeMobb is actively working on a steady stream of collaborative projects and production opportunities. If you're interested in working with us, we invite you to drop us a line below.

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