The "Tectonic Shift" has begun!!!

The Story So Far...

What a journey we have had up to this point! Here's a brief rundown of the last few years:

In 2015, QuakeMobb Music Group was created. We created and released our first project, a dubstep-inspired EP entitled "Damage Control". Then, in April of 2017, we worked together to release 18 beat tapes over 18 consecutive months. It was through this process that we truly learned how to collaborate with each other to understand how to deliver a quality product with consistency.  Although we were gaining some "buzz" around the beat tapes, we weren't seeing any of the beat tapes directly translate into placement opportunities with artists that need music for their projects.

Instead of making all of our music freely available on music platforms like DatPiff and SoundCloud, we decided to find a platform that allows us to give away free music and sell beats to our target audience. In 2018, we decided to move our music production efforts to BeatStars, and we continue to offer beats for lease on the platform today.

Shifting to Sample Production

Now, our team is stepping into a new era.  It is the era of sample production and sound design. Each of the producers in QuakeMobb comes from the golden era of hip-hop, where finding the perfect sample to serve as the backdrop for a dope song is paramount.  Now, we provide you with those samples. We provide you with those dope riffs that will cause an instant spark of inspiration.  Our first sample pack is now available, and we're working on a WHOLE SERIES of sample packs all set to be released in 2020 and beyond.  Whether you're a legend in the game or an up-and-coming producer on the grind, we're confident that you will find something to inspire you from our music library.

Feel that? Yep, that's QuakeMobb.